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Author Accomplishments:

Guardian Lights Book CoverWe finished Chapter 9 – a total of 5K words, bringing our total to 40K! It was a tough chapter given that it was heavy on time travel description, but we’re really excited about the end result. It has a good flow with plenty of colorful imagery! Also in Chapter 9, Rory will come to terms with discoveries made in Chapter 8, as well as make a new discovery that will add another layer to the mystery.

As we discussed Book 1 events throughout the month, we are constantly finding more and more details that will be needed to be woven into Book 2 to make it all connected, leading us to start a rough plan for Book 2.

First I drink the coffee. Then I do the things.After receiving feedback from a few select beta readers, we made some changes to the Prologue through Chapter 8. We know we need to embrace different opinions and perspectives as we progress with our writing and make sure our intentions come across the right way, without being lost in a jumble of fancy words!

We started to share our project with family and friends, which has been terrifying and exciting!

Social Media Accomplishments (October Numbers):

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Twitter: 189 followers

Facebook: 7 likes

Pinterest: 2 followers

Website Visitors: 87

Novel Organizing Kit Downloads: 8

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Our website went live Oct 1 and we posted our first blog post!

You can't blame me for what my characters say truman capote GLBook Guardian Lights amwriting AA Miller

Real Life:

Anne and Alise continue to work hard accomplishing goals at their day jobs.

Alise started a renovation project with her husband paneling the basement walls in hopes to make it look more homey for potential buyers. It turned out to be a lot more work than anticipated and will continue into November.

Anne took her family on several trips and got out on the water with her kayaks twice in October. Her children love to sit on mom and dad’s laps and take a lap around the lake. She also took her family on a trip to Fort De Chartres to take in the historical sites. She loves to create opportunities for her young kids to see more than their own town and to get out in the world.

Alise’s 5 YO joined the high school girls along with a troop of girls from her elementary school to do cheers for the football team, and had a blast!

What were our kids for Halloween?

Alise’s 5 YO decided to be Elena of Avalor since she had a pretty red dress to work with. Alise’s 2 YO decided to go as Bruce Wayne since he refused to wear the adorable Batman costume Mom found at Goodwill.

Anne’s 5 YO wanted to be an astronaut, her 3 YO wanted to be Elsa, and her 1 YO joined her as Anna.

What are we reading?

Alise is still stuck halfway into The Blood of Olympus (Heroes of Olympus book 5) and The Last Star (The 5th Wave book 3). Being too distracted with her own book and fall TV has made it hard to get back into the stories. Not to mention all the Indie Authors she’s now encountering and wants to start branching into self-published books. She has decided a Kindle is going on her Christmas list.

Anne is reading Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare and interested in starting the Outlander Series.

Its okay. Writers should be strange. GLBook Guardian Lights

What are we working on now?

Chapter 10 and 11 are in work. We’re looking to a few more close friends to beta read. We’re keeping with the momentum and racking up our word count as well as working up our online presence.

What’s next for November?

Watch for a sample of Chapter 2 to be posted, as well as another blog post! We will still offer our Task Kit and Writers Kit as a FREE download on our website. We are also working on a Publishing Kit and a Marketing Kit, but are waiting to see if there is a demand. Feel free to comment or email us if you’d like for us to post these kits!

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