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Author Accomplishments:

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We finished Chapter 10 and 11! We’ve added several new elements to the mystery that we hope will keep readers on their toes. Not a lot of fantasy in either chapter, but Joelle provides a new clue that throws Rory through a loop, Gabe adds his insight (which of course is always on point), and we get to meet Gabe’s business partner.

First I drink the coffee. Then I do the things.

We passed 50K words, which means we officially have a novel!!! We were really excited to make that realization, and even though we didn’t write it all in one month, it seemed fitting that we met our goal during NaNoWriMo.

We’re continuing to share our project with family and friends, which has been terrifying and exciting!

We also posted a sample of Chapter 2! Check out our samples, character bios, and more on our website:

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Real Life:

Anne and Alise continue to work hard accomplishing goals at their day jobs.

Alise finished paneling the basement walls, and it was ROUGH! She’s happy to be done with that and is enjoying it while she’s still in her current house. She also got new floors put in and hopes that all this effort pays off! She and her family will probably start seriously looking at new houses in January.

Anne and her family have began working on Christmas DIY projects. Anne began wood burning this fall and has decided to make personalized wooden spoons using her new talent. In addition to this, Anne and her husband are making a rock climbing wall in their children’s bedroom as a surprise Christmas gift. This may be regretted shortly after, so stay tuned with our recaps to find out how big of a bad idea that was.

What were our favorite Thanksgiving dishes?

Alise ventured into some new territory and made corn pudding, brussels sprouts, pumpkin cheesecake (with pumpkin puree from scratch!) and pumpkin pie (her first pie crust). All turned out well, but the cheesecake was pretty amazing. She also tried a turkey brine for the first time and now swears by it. Her mom’s mashed potatoes continues to be a favorite.

For Thanksgiving, Anne celebrates lunch with her family, and dinner with her husband’s family. This is a great compromise and allows for double the turkey. There is about a three hour drive in between lunch and dinner, so plenty of time to settle and mentally prepare for round two. This particular year, nobody brought stuffing to the lunch menu, which in Anne’s book is just wrong. So the only thing she could think about Thanksgiving evening was how much stuffing was socially acceptable to put on her plate.

What are we reading?

Alise is still working on The Blood of Olympus (Heroes of Olympus book 5) and The Last Star (The 5th Wave book 3). She also bought How to Hang a Witch and added it to the queue.

Anne is reading Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare and interested in starting the Outlander Series.

Its okay. Writers should be strange. GLBook Guardian Lights

What are we working on now?

Chapter 12 and 13 are in work. Chapter 12 will prove to be a bonding experience for Gabe and Rory, which Chapter 13 will likely contain heartbreak and some time travel consequence.

We sent chapters to several close friends/family members to beta read and are awaiting feedback. We’re keeping with the momentum and racking up our word count as well as working up our online presence.

What’s next for December?

We’re working on a blog post that will provide gift ideas for young story tellers! We should have that up shortly, just in time for Christmas shopping.

We will still offer our Task Kit and Writers Kit as a FREE download on our website. We are also working on a Publishing Kit and a Marketing Kit, but are waiting to see if there is a demand. Feel free to comment or email us if you’d like for us to post these kits!

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