6 Gift Ideas For Kids To Inspire Story Telling

As a writer, I am honored when someone shows interest in my book. But as a parent, I am over the moon with pride when my children ask about the characters and want to know more about how my book is going:

“Are you writing your book, Mommy? What’s it about? Who’s the bad guy? What’s his name? Can I name him?” Typical five-year-old: immediately fixated on the bad guy.

My son drawing a bad guy for me

Not only do my children want to be a part of my journey writing a book, but they have unfaltering faith in it. They keep me inspired, and so it’s my goal to inspire them too. This list is written with those little imaginaries in mind.

We are very excited to share our Enriching Imaginations series with you, which is focused on choosing gifts that get the imaginations of those littles in your life moving with fun, education, and enrichment. No matter what age or relation, be it family or friend, you’ll find that a gift that showcases what a child is thinking about will be worth more than plastic materialism. 

Next time you want to give those little loved ones a gift, consider what they are going to get out of it. Are you empowering their imagination? Are you boosting their self confidence? Prove to them that they have the power to create something truly one-of-a-kind. This little act of encouragement could go a long way.

Here we have captured a list of some enriching gift ideas that are not only entertaining for the entire family, but help create confidence in a child’s creativity and ignite their wild imagination:

1.) Imagination Generation Story Time Dice

Roll the perfect story!

With six, eight, ten, twelve, and even twenty-sided dice, pit 12 heroes against 10 villains in 6 settings, using 20 tools and 8 vehicles to overcome 6 obstacles and claim 6 prizes. Let the dice be your and your little one’s guide to tell an original story, or completely make up your own rules! You’ll never know what will come out of their head until the wheels start turning.

2.) Tall Tales Story Telling Board Game

A storytelling game where the only limit is your imagination!

This game includes 24 Story Cards, 50 Game Pieces, and a Story Bag to be used to shape your adventure. The possibilities will be endless as you watch a young mind start randomly picking game pieces and their environment to tell their tale! You won’t believe the stories children have to tell!

3.) Tell Tale Fairy Tales

Strengthens creativity, listening, and language skills!

This story telling game includes 60 cards with 120 images in a tin canister for up to 8 players. Promote literacy development with unlimited possibilities and unlock the creativity within everyone.

4.) Rory’s Story Cubes – Original, Actions, Voyages, Prehistoria, Enchanted, Clues (Set of 6)

Use each set individually or together for unlimited story possibilities!

We’re particularly excited about this story telling dice set, since it shares a name with our own main character: Rory Leroux. With 9 original dice, 9 Actions dice, 9 Voyages dice, 3 fairy tale themed dice, 3 dinosaur themed dice, 3 crime themed dice, the combinations are endless. Encourage speaking skills, creativity, confidence as you get your little ones thinking about how to piece together their story!

5.) Ideal The Storybook Memory Card Game

Colorfully illustrated cards packaged in a tin lunch box!

This game tests memory and fosters creativity as your child makes up silly stories. Players take turns adding to the silly story as they flip over each new card. Be the winner to be the last player remaining in the game to tell the entire story.

6.) The Storymatic Classic

Trillions of combinations!

With 540 Unique Cards, you can tell stories, play games, make art, and more! Also includes a booklet with prompts, games, and activities. The wild cards will prompt you to go in directions you might not ordinarily go. Simply combine a few of the cards and let your imagination do the rest. Who knows what a young imagination will come up with!

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