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Author Accomplishments:

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We finished Chapter 12 with 5.5K words! Rory and Gabe spend a day together in a beautiful Wisconsin setting on Lake Michigan. We learn a bit about Gabe’s life and Rory’s hopes.

Book One of The Guardian Lights Series is now sitting at about 56K words. We have passed out chapters to several friends and family members and are excited to incorporate feedback that will help our story appeal to more audiences.

First I drink the coffee. Then I do the things.

We also posted a sample of Chapter 2! Check out our samples, character bios, and more on our website:

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Real Life:

Anne and Alise continue to work hard accomplishing goals at their day jobs.

Alise added trim to the basement wall panels and its looking really nice! Coat of paint on the stairs and banister, a few odds and ends, and she and her husband are ready to list. After looking at a few houses right after Christmas, she made a contingent offer that was accepted. January’s goal: sell their current house so she can lock in her new dream home!

Anne’s youngest turned two, which was a bittersweet milestone. Aside from birthday and Christmas festivities Anne’s family took an 11 hour road trip to Pensacola on the Florida Panhandle. With oncoming storms, chilly weather, and the unfortunate event of her husbands lens falling out of his only pair of glasses which happened to fall in the surf and then washed away into the gulf, their total time spent in Florida was less than 48 hours. In the end, their efforts were completely worth it and they would do it all over again. Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog series featuring some of Anne’s wildest adventures.

What were our favorite Christmas gifts?

Alise gets way too practical with her wishlists, and was gifted clothes, kitchen, and camping items she’s very excited to use. Her kids were very loved this Christmas, her son getting plenty of things with wheels and tracks that he loves, and her daughter is excited to use her new ice skates in skating lessons!

Anne: Erin Condren Montly Deluxe Planner. That’s really all that Anne needs to say about Christmas. Though it may just be a 2017 planner, Anne jokes it will solve all life problems. Anne’s family is looking forward to their gifted membership to the Science Center and many family board game nights with their most recent favorite, Ticket To Ride My First Journey. 

What are we reading?

Alise is now the proud owner of a kindle and is working on filling it with free books she encounters on Twitter. She’s working hard to finish The Blood of Olympus (Heroes of Olympus book 5) and The Last Star (The 5th Wave book 3) to get it off her plate, but finding time to read is always a challenge. 

Anne recently finished reading Spark Joy by Marie Kondo, and is currently working on Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. 

Its okay. Writers should be strange. GLBook Guardian Lights

What are we working on now?

Chapter 13 is in work, which will likely contain heartbreak and some time travel consequence.

We sent chapters to several close friends/family members to beta read and are awaiting feedback. We’re keeping with the momentum and racking up our word count as well as working up our online presence.

What’s next for January?

We’re working on a few blog post ideas, as well as getting refreshed and motivated with our story for the home stretch. We very much hope to publish in 2017!

We will still offer our Task Kit and Writers Kit as a FREE download on our website. We are also working on a Publishing Kit and a Marketing Kit, but are waiting to see if there is a demand. Feel free to comment or email us if you’d like for us to post these kits!

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