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It’s been too long! What have we been doing all year?


Author accomplishments:

On March 28, 2016, Anne confessed to Alise that she had a “Turning 30” bucketlist. One of those items was writing a book. Alise said, “You’re crazy, you only have a little over a year left”. After some more discussion about the book, Anne said, “Do you want to co-author with me?” On 5/17/17, Anne wrote that last words of a now 23 chapter novel, just days shy of her goal of turning 30. Team AA Miller couldn’t be more proud, but we’ve enlisted ourselves with a much bigger project than we ever realized.


Social Media accomplishments:

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What are we working on now?

Book 2 is being mapped out, and we couldn’t be more excited. Taking place in the 1920’s, this book will be tough to research. Looks like lots of movie nights and book readings of stories that take place in the 20’s are in order. Great Gatsby, Chicago, Citizen Kane… we could get used to this!

Heavy revisions of Book 1 for consistency, continuity, and addition of new details are under way. Clocking in at about 104K words, we wouldn’t be surprised if Book 1 is at about 110K when all is said and done.

Real life:

Alise went through a whirlwind of selling her home and buying a new one. Luckily, details fell into place smoothly, and closings for both took place on Valentine’s Day. Alise is in love with her new home, particularly with the large porch that couldn’t be more perfect for sitting for hours with a cold beer and a good book, and is definitely begging for a hammock.

Her oldest finished kindergarten and just begun first grade. Becoming a reader, getting her ears pierced, Alise can’t believe how quickly her baby became a girl. Her youngest is in the midst of terrible threes, which has its moments. Her husband started a new job with a different hospital group, and is enjoying his new environment. Family vacation was a driving adventure along the California coast, starting in San Francisco and ending in Hollywood, with stops in Monterey. Disneyland was a must, and meals with family and friends was a bonus. The sights were wonderful, but we were ready to be home!

Anne and her family had a great summer working on house projects, and going on a family vacation to St George Island, Florida. The dolphins, white sand beaches, and gorgeous weather was proof that beach is good for the soul. This was exactly what was needed as they prepared for her husband’s last semester before graduating with his Masters Degree and their oldest child starting first grade.

What are we reading?

Alise is working on a self-published book called Lichgates: Book One of the Grimoire Saga (an Epic Fantasy Adventure) by S.M. Boyce. Kara has quite the adventure as she acquires new powers, meets a mysterious man in a strange world with hidden intentions, and tries to dodge conflict in a world she never wanted to be in. An interesting first half  so far and I can’t wait to finish it!

Anne is reading Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare, A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman, and interested in starting the Outlander Series. This is the first time Anne has juggled reading multiple books at one time, and it’s proving to slow her progression. Not to mention the writing styles are all so unique, but it’s great inspiration while tackling our own series.

What’s next for the rest of 2017?

We are building a list of close family and friends to beta our project, for general feedback on flow and plot. While they read, we’ll try our best not to read over their shoulders, and push on with Book 2.

We don’t plan to publish Book 1 until we’ve had it professionally edited, and have finished Book 2 and most of Book 3. So we have a ways to go! We’re nervous about the slow pace, but with our busy lives of working and family, we need to take it slow. Building a trilogy based on time travel, we also don’t want to jump the gun and publish before we know the whole story ourselves. Slow and steady!

We will still offer our Task Kit and Writers Kit as a FREE download on our website. We are also working on a Publishing Kit and a Marketing Kit, but are waiting to see if there is a demand. Feel free to comment or email us if you’d like for us to post these kits!



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