Book One


Under a sky of varying shades of purple—from the midday pale lavender to the dark plum of night—Rory Leroux lives a quiet life in a world much like our own. But in this world, where the brilliant green Lights she was named for illuminate the night sky on a regular basis, every man, woman, and child has the unknown potential for an amazing ability. And Rory has stumbled on a way to unlock hers.

When the ring she’s worn for years blazes to life following an incident with a bolt of lightning, the unseen force suppressing the world’s potential can no longer touch her. Through subsequent visions of a decimated future, Rory comes to see what no one else can: this dark force is slowly ruining humanity, leading to its eventual destruction. But before she can attempt to deal with that, she must first find her two sisters, who disappeared without a trace the same night her ring began to glow.

With her potential unlocked and her eyes opened, Rory discovers what she’s truly capable of, empowered to push back against the darkness. To save her sisters, and to free her buried heart, she must also push back against herself. Against the self-doubt that has held her back from love, that has kept her from seeing herself as those around her always have.

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