Copy of CelesteAurora Leroux – or Rory for short – is passionate about three things: her family, her art, and pretending she’s not in love with the boy next door. Not always in that order.

As a triplet, even a fraternal triplet to her identical sisters, sharing was never a choice growing up. Nothing was sacred, from her clothes to her toys to her personal space. As she and her two sisters grew, their size in clothes and taste in toys began to differ so much that sharing was no longer an option, but the closeness left in its absence remained. Her parents are the perfect balance of nerdy and protective, giving she and her sisters the space to make mistakes, a support system when they need it, and some laughs along the way. The five of them together are a tightly knit unit.

For all of these reasons, Rory truly feels the most alone she’s ever felt when her parents are both killed in an accident and her sisters disappear without a trace. Her passion for her family is wounded, leaving four holes in her heart that make her passion for her art feel insignificant. It seems fitting that her third passion is suddenly set on red alert the day of her parent’s funeral.

The Basics:

Rory is working towards opening an art gallery some day to showcase her clockwork art. The inner workings of clocks fascinate her, and she has a knack at building and repairing mechanical timepieces. Though she’s a bit scatterbrained and forgets where she puts things, she’s very punctual due to her affinity with time. 

She says what she feels and doesn’t like to keep things inside or leave things unsaid, a side effect of all the unsaid feelings regarding the boy next door, so she can be a bit blunt.

She has long and wavy copper red hair the same shade as her mother, usually pulled back into a messy bun or ponytail, as well as her mother’s freckles and toffee brown eyes. She has a natural beauty but can be a little tomboyish. She can’t wield a curling iron or a mascara brush to save her life, and loves to wear bright colors and patterns. She has a curvy figure, the runt of the triplets at 5’4”.

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