“The closer you get to the stars, CeCe, the more they’ll tell you about yourself,” her father would say into the microphone of his headset on night flights in their Piper Arrow. The stillness and quiet of the expansive starry night sky, almost within reach with every thousand feet gained by the altimeter, was hypnotic, a spell broken only by the crackle in her headphones from her father’s breaths or the digitized version of his voice when he spoke.

From a young age, CeCe – short for Celeste – was the only one of her three sisters whose head stayed in the clouds after their first flight as small girls. Dawn seemed bored, Rory was terrified, but CeCe had always had a relationship with adventure and the unknown that her sisters could never understand, taking root the first time she watched the ground fall away and the horizon become a never ending finish line she had to cross. Her partner in crime and best friend, Gabe, was the only one that tried to keep up with her thirst for the next big thrill.

CeCe was a busy girl between high school sports teams and flying lessons, only slowing down for adventures with Gabe: skiing, camping, fishing, or hiking trips to geocache in the mountains. With a stellar sense of direction, she barely needed to look at her GPS once she honed in on a location, leaving Gabe scrambling to keep up.

The adults that surrounded CeCe and Gabe since they were young would make comments and give knowing smiles, assuming their own many years lived made them wise about love. One day – the wise adults would say – it would click, and these young relationship novices would understand what seemed so obvious to everyone else. But CeCe and Gabe would roll their eyes, because it was utterly ridiculous, even gross, like dating your sibling. During their time staring into their crackling campfires reflecting on life, her eyes would occasionally flicker to his face when he wasn’t looking. She knew he was attractive, and wondered sometimes what it would be like for him to look at her in the way everyone expected him to. But then she kind of hoped he wouldn’t; she didn’t have time to deal with a boyfriend.

The Basics

She enjoys living life and doesn’t approve of drama. She’s always tries to be kind and reserve judgement. Bright and bubbly, she lights up the room and is popular.

Enjoys being girly in a man’s world (aviation). Loves to do hair and makeup and wear shoes that give her height to keep her on a level with the boys. When she’s flying, she wears sensible shoes, but she’ll often change shoes in the plane once on the ground.

In her senior year of flight school.

Long straight blonde hair, toffee brown eyes like her mother’s. Slender and athletic, 5’9”.

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