Copy of Copy of CelesteWhen a child skips the third grade because she already read those books and the math was too easy, it’s obvious she is gifted. When she then takes it upon herself to double up on advanced placement classes and summer school in order to skip a year of high school, graduating with half of an Associates degree already under her belt, there might be a new word to describe her. There’s motivated. There’s ambitious. And then there’s Dawn Leroux.

The initial thought to study law may have started with her love of the debate team and speech club in junior high, or the comment by her coach that she would make a fantastic lawyer following win after win. Given her naturally competitive nature she had developed side-by-side with her headstrong sister CeCe, once the idea had been put into her head, Dawn could not be stopped.

Her parents had to learn quickly to let go and allow their shining Dawn to rise to her full potential. Not that they had much choice. With the ability to talk anyone into almost anything with her persuasive, iron-clad words, Dawn was used to getting her way from a young age. But she was also adept at reading a room or a mood, enabling her to also use comforting and encouraging words. These were all traits that made her a good sister to have, even a thousand miles away in New York. She’s now in her third year of law school and was selected to interview for an internship for an extremely prestigious law firm. Unfortunately, the timing couldn’t have been worse.

The Basics

Quickly becoming annoyed in her adolescence with being mistaken for CeCe, her blonde and identical twin, Dawn started to cut and dye her hair dark brown in junior high to be different on purpose. To this day, she still cuts it to shoulder length with a side part and sweeping long bangs to frame the toffee brown eyes she shares with both CeCe and her fraternal triplet sister, Rory.

Dawn is the type that doesn’t let things go, especially when she knows she’s right. Those that don’t know her are intimidated by her confidence, and usually give in to her side once she starts her persuasive fast talking. She has a knack for making most people want to agree with her. Growing up, her sisters didn’t let her push them around since they’re used to to her constantly pitching an argument. 

Being on a mission to graduate as soon as possible, she didn’t bother with any nonsense in high school unless it benefited her law school application.

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