Gabriel – a loaded and classical name he found too hard to live up to after being named for his mother’s favorite archangel, and so goes by Gabe – puts up a strong front. Most don’t know about his challenging childhood, and wouldn’t be able to tell from his easy going nature and laid back presence. He’s just a genuinely nice guy, with an award winning smile to match. But even a genuine guy can have a few secrets.

Almost from birth, he had three built-in best friends in his next door neighbor’s triplet girls. Though fond of all three, the blonde and outdoorsy sister – Celeste, or CeCe as she likes to be called – was the only one that shared his interests in drawing maps of their small world, sports, movies, hiking, and almost everything else. They instantly clicked on every level, and as they spent more and more time together growing taller and older, those close to them expected the connection to turn romantic. It would be as effortless as breathing for such obvious soul mates, and Lord knew they would make quite attractive babies. It was almost a given, as if it had already happened; a given to everyone except Gabe.

Knowing how he should feel and how he actually feels are two very different things. The world just never seems to agree with him, including the copper-haired girl his heart just naturally seems to gravitate towards.

The Basics:

His family’s property is along Lake Superior, and he grew up fishing with his father. Once Gabe’s mother became sick and then passed away, his father became distant, angry, and began to drink. Gabe holds onto the good memories, but refuses to fight for his father’s love, so he just accepts how things are.

Gabe took to he and his father’s shared love of fishing and kayaking out on the lake. Once he was old enough, he got a job in the village selling bait at the marina. He saved up enough money to get certified training on boat maintenance, which allowed him to take over his father’s half of the boat repair business when it was obvious it wasn’t a priority to him anymore. 

He and CeCe’s favorite discovery growing up was geocaching, of which there was plenty of in the Porcupine Mountains, as well as camping and hiking and skiing. The one interest Gabe has that CeCe can’t relate to is for scenic thousand piece puzzles that he’ll spend weeks on. Having a good memory and being able to see how things fit together when no one else can makes puzzles easy and fun for him. He also enjoys a good mystery show or novel.

One of the fortunate young men whose beards began to fill out in high school, he’s a flannel and jeans kind of guy, with dark brown hair framing seafoam green eyes. He’s about Cece’s height when she wears her crazy heels, about 6 feet tall.

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