Our Journey

Our Mission:

Hearing a story about someone who has done something amazing, outside the realm of the daily grind, has always been inspiring to us. We don’t believe life has to be a one way track to the end. Anyone has the potential to accomplish a goal, and we are here to inspire you. So ask yourself, what is holding you back from doing your something amazing? Try something new, make a plan to achieve your goals, and push back against that little voice in your head whispering ‘You Can’t’.

Our Journey:

We are two halves of a whole when it came to the entrepreneurial adventure of learning to co-author and self-publish a novel. The name AA Miller is a pen name combining our personas rather than using our real names, which we would like to keep to ourselves for the time being. Here we’d like to introduce you to our individual thoughts as well as give you a look into our experiences. We hope your takeaway is that anyone can do anything they set their mind to. Enjoy and feel free to contact us via email or any of our social media outlets at the bottom of the page.


Meet Anne and Alise of AA Miller

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