Looking back, I think fondly on all of life’s joys and sorrows, highs and lows as they molded me into who I am today. But in hindsight, one of my regrets was how little I applied myself to my fullest potential, particularly in school. I was always a genuine person and a fairly good student, but my grades were never top notch. It wasn’t until high school that my efforts were improving, especially in the sciences. Unfortunately, I was still cramming CliffNotes the night before a reading assignment was due. It didn’t matter how good the book may have been, classic or not, I just didn’t read it. ((My deepest apologies to every English teacher I ever had.))

In high school the movie Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring came to the theater, and there my inner nerd took root. Somehow I got my hands on that behemoth of a book and read it, word for word, beginning to end; my first pleasure read, and I couldn’t be more proud of that fact. At that same time though, I also met a boy, made new friends, and joined many clubs.  My free time was limited and reading went to the wayside.

Sometime after graduating high school, I found myself curious what it was like to enjoy reading again. I began reaching out to family and friends for suggested titles, and not long later I was hooked on the rush of emotions I felt from a good story. Not to mention it was thrilling being apart of a large fan group. I had something new to talk about with people, and at times I went overly nerdy, but it was fun.


At various times growing up, my mom would mention wanting to write a book. Though I always dreamed of success for her, I had never considered that path for myself. Writing was not something I had ever considered. After all, I was strong in science, not literature. Without warning, without any good reason, a premise of a story randomly popped into my head. I scribbled it down not expecting to ever read it again. But deep within me something was born, and I couldn’t quite get those characters or that story out of my head.

Time went by, I became a wife, a mother to three adorable redheads, a professional cartographer, and all the while the cogs were turning in my head. Little by little the story transformed into something I couldn’t let go of, and couldn’t quite share with anyone else either. I was afraid. Fearful of judgement, and fearful of the eye roll that implied that “I can’t do it”. So, determined little me decided I was going to do it. Alone. I chewed on the story for nearly two years before I made a mention to my good friend, Alise. Aside from my husband, Alise was the one person I trusted to hear the story, and she did not fail me. Her enthusiasm for the characters and confidence in the story lead me to ask her to co-author. Without getting all gushy, let’s just say it was meant to be.  


GL in progress

I have always been a believer that we are not bound by the circumstances and status we are born into. We can become the person – and create the world – we want. Not to mention we all have our own unique characteristics that make us stronger at some things than others. On this journey of bringing my story to life, I began questioning what my strengths and interests were. What do I want in life? What do I want my legacy to be? How can I be an example to my children that they don’t always have to win to succeed. Maybe novel writing isn’t something that came naturally to me, but I would like to know why I shouldn’t at least give it my all. This burning ambition gave me the desire to provide encouragement for other people to fight back against the abundant negativity that suppresses our potential for personal growth and innovation. Maybe your particular goals and interests have nothing to do with writing a book. That’s fine, there are a lot more things I want to be successful at in life than just this one venture. But together, let’s prove that success isn’t defined by a particular number or a status, but merely a bit of effort and good intention.

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