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Follow Our Journey: End of Summer 2017 Recap

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It’s been too long! What have we been doing all year?


Author accomplishments:

On March 28, 2016, Anne confessed to Alise that she had a “Turning 30” bucketlist. One of those items was writing a book. Alise said, “You’re crazy, you only have a little over a year left”. After some more discussion about the book, Anne said, “Do you want to co-author with me?” On 5/17/17, Anne wrote that last words of a now 23 chapter novel, just days shy of her goal of turning 30. Team AA Miller couldn’t be more proud, but we’ve enlisted ourselves with a much bigger project than we ever realized.


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6 Gifts to Capture a Young Author’s Creativity

The concept of the Enriching Imagination series originally stemmed from the idea that being innovative and imaginative has so many lasting benefits, yet often we distract ourselves rather than feed into this creative pursuit. Enriching Imagination Part One was about harvesting a love of games and spontaneity while strengthening you and your young imaginaries ability to create a story.

This past Christmas we got the joy of getting Rory’s Story Cubes, and let me tell you both my three and five year old children blew me away with what stories they come up with. I hope you get the chance to experience it yourself someday, it really is awesome. A bit silly, but awesome.

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6 Gift Ideas For Kids To Inspire Story Telling

As a writer, I am honored when someone shows interest in my book. But as a parent, I am over the moon with pride when my children ask about the characters and want to know more about how my book is going: Continue reading “6 Gift Ideas For Kids To Inspire Story Telling”

Follow Our Journey: November 2016 Recap

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Author Accomplishments:

Guardian Lights Book Cover

We finished Chapter 10 and 11! We’ve added several new elements to the mystery that we hope will keep readers on their toes. Not a lot of fantasy in either chapter, but Joelle provides a new clue that throws Rory through a loop, Gabe adds his insight (which of course is always on point), and we get to meet Gabe’s business partner.
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