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This page has a variety of essentials we’re eager to share with you!

First, wecover want to share our upcoming series: Guardian Lights.

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Our NEW Novel Author Kits are now available. As first time authors, we combined our tried and true worksheets that have been a lifesaver for our organization and technical processes.

Task Kit Download that can be used for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) or anytime.

Here we combined our ultimate list of suggested items that we use on a daily basis. Most of these items are practical in nature, but some just make us happy. Because what’s the point of doing or having anything that doesn’t make you happy? Sometimes the simplest of things can make a world of difference in organizing your creative space.

Attack the Chaos: Your Author Binder

Pictured: The binder (2-3″), Post-It flags, filler notebook paper, binder hole reinforcements, dividers with/out pockets, 3-hole punch (and notebook version), colored pencils, notebook thesaurus, 3-hole pencil bag, planner pages, printer paper, your favorite pens, pencils, good erasers. Click a picture to find that item on Amazon or to search for your own items for your binder.

And for the happiness:

Upcoming merchandise!

If you’re a fan of our series (and we really hope you come to love the characters and the meaning behind the story as much as we do) you may want to check back or subscribe for updates about our upcoming FANtastic merchandise.

We really did just say FANtastic. We are gigantic nerds. And we love our fans!

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