Author Binder

“For that touch of paper for the chronic scribbler”

As novices learning to find our way around developing a story, we found that our thought process can get… chaotic. Most brides will splurge for that perfect organizing tool to help her keep track of the million trains of thought that will lead to her special day. A lot of Moms will search for the perfect baby book that has the best prompts and storage places to capture every thought and memory of her precious baby’s early days. Some authors needs that help too. We found ourselves looking for that same crutch to help us organize our thoughts, to give us that scratch space to write out a scene, jot down a thought, or sketch an idea, and typing it into a note page on our phone or onto a word document on our laptop just didn’t always cut it. So we each bought a binder, and we loaded it with ammo to attack the chaos head on.

You too need to have your best tool with you at all times, and you need to prepare it right.

Suggested Items to Buy:

  • Your favorite type of binder (Trapper Keeper? Vinyl? Flexible? We recommend 2″ or 3″)
  • 3-hole pencil bag
  • Hole reinforcements stickers
  • Highlighters
  • 3-hole punch
  • Your favorite type of writing pens (gel? fine tip? quill?)
  • Colored pencils (for those that doodle in color)
  • Dividers with/without pockets
  • Planner or calendar Pages
  • Post-It notes/flags

Visit our Shop page for more ideas.

How To Organize Your Binder

There isn’t just one way to organize everyone’s thoughts. Your binder is your own and you should organize it in a way that best suits your thought process and flow. If you are open to suggestions, here is a format that helped us:

Keep yourself on track. Assign deadlines and goals. Make to-do lists. Write down quotes or paste pictures of things that inspire you.

Suggested pages:

  • Calendar/Planner
  • Goals
  • To-do List
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration

Need a little nudge? See our Task Kit designed to create a space for these items.

Suggested pages:

  • Basic Concept/Plot
  • Moral of the Story
  • Brainstorm Sections
  • 3-Part Plan (Beginning/Middle/End)
  • Storyboard
  • Character Overview/Development
  • Setting Research
  • Time Period Research
  • Conflict
  • Climax
  • Resolution
  • Outline (Table of Contents)
  • Timeline
  • Backstory

This section could get seriously messy, and fast. There could also be countless ways to capture all these details. Based on our experience, we have come up with a plan for you. You can get those thoughts organized, and we can help with our Writing Kit.

Ask yourself: who is this book for? From there you need to develop a business plan.

  • Publishing Options Research
  • Agent Options Research
  • Editor Research
  • Contacts
  • Resources (Websites, Software)
  • Marketing Strategy (Social Media, Audience, Merchandise, Products)
  • Website
  • Submissions
  • Query Letter
  • Co-Author Management

We want to help you here, and we have space for you to organize your research and options in our Publishing Kit and Marketing Kit.

Get out those colored pencils. Do you need a logo? Graphic art? Drawn art? Get your vision out on paper whenever the inspiration strikes. Sketch or paste pictures so you don’t lose that idea. You should also have lots and lots of fresh sheets of lined paper for when the words just start flowing. Here is your blank space to sketch, write and paste.

Complete your set with our Doodling Kit.


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